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Computers require regular maintenance.  Software needs to be kept up-to-date, security scans need to be run, hard drives need to be cleaned up, checked for errors and defragmented, and data needs to be backed up.  These tasks need to be performed at least once a month, preferably weekly, but many are not automated.  In addition, cleaning and testing the hardware should be done periodically.

How does it work?

Many of these tasks can be performed over the internet using the Remote Help connection.  At a prearranged day and time each month, you activate the connection and I perform these tasks remotely.  You should expect this work to take several hours.  See the Remote Help page for answers to questions about it.

Cleaning and testing the hardware requires a house call or drop-off service.  Drop-off is preferable because some testing and cleaning can take an hour or more, but does not require direct supervision until the test is complete.

How do you back up my data?

Based on your description of what computer applications you use, I will locate your data files and determine the best backup method for them.  Unless you have large amounts of data, CD's are often the best backup location.  If your computer has the ability to write to CD's you may leave a blank CD in the drive for the backup; you will need to be available to change CD's if more than one is required.  Alternatively, I can create the backup CD's and mail them to you.  You should keep these CD's in a safe place, preferably off-site in case of fire or other disaster.

How do I make an appointment?

To arrange for monthly maintenance, please fill out the contact form indicating the best days and times for me to connect to your computer, and I will try to meet your schedule.

How much does it cost?

Monthly maintenance by remote connection costs $50/month per computer regardless of time spent; any lengthy repairs resulting from problems discovered are charged at $50/hour if you authorize them.  House call or drop off hardware maintenance is charged at normal hourly rates.

Prepaid annual subscriptions for monthly maintenance receive a 20% discount as well as drop off hardware maintenance every six months without extra hourly charges.



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