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Click here for remote help

Note:  When running the remote help program, your firewall may ask you if "VNC Server" should be allowed to access the internet.  You should allow it.


75% of computer problems can be resolved without physical access to the computer.  That means I can repair your computer or diagnose problems regardless of your physical location, more conveniently and less expensively.

How does it work?

* Click on the link below to download the remote help program.  You may save it for future use or run it immediately.

* Call the phone number to schedule a time.

* At the scheduled time start the connection.  For security, if I do not respond within 5 minutes the connection is deactivated.  If your firewall asks whether 'VNC Server' should be allowed internet access, allow it.

* I can now work on your computer as if I were sitting in front of it.

* I email you an invoice explaining what was done and you mail me a check or money order.

You may watch while I perform the work if you like.

Is it safe?

The remote help program only allows me to connect, and only when you have started the connection within the past five minutes.  All information flowing between my computer and yours is encrypted.  Once you or I close the connection, your computer can no longer be controlled and the software is automatically uninstalled (unless you saved it for future use).  You may delete the saved program at any time.

Can I use my computer at the same time?

You can use your computer at the same time, although it will be slower if we're both using it simultaneously.  If something urgent comes up you can type a message in the chat window or call me and I'll disconnect until a more convenient time.  You can also disconnect at any time by right-clicking on the icon in your system tray and choosing "Stop".

How do I make an appointment?

To arrange for remote help, please fill out the contact form indicating the best days and times for me to connect to your computer, and I will try to meet your schedule.

How much does it cost?

Remote computer repair costs $50/hour, a $10/hour discount over on-site rates.  In addition, you won't be charged while lengthy processes like antivirus scans and defragmenting are running, only for the time I'm actively working on your computer.

What are the system requirements?

Your computer must have Windows 98, 2000, ME, or XP.

Your computer must be able to start Windows and maintain an Internet connection.

A high-speed connection (DSL or cable) is not required, but will make the process much faster.

You will need to be at your computer if the work requires restarting your computer.



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